Athens in March: Weather and things to do

March is a fantastic time of year to visit the Greek capital of Athens; it is the beginning of Spring, meaning the city slowly begins to flourish and come to life after the winter. Additionally, there are fewer crowds at this time of year, and it is thus generally cheaper and more enjoyable. This guide will provide you with a breakdown on visiting Athens in March, such as the average temperature and weather conditions, what to pack for your trip, and the top things to do and see:

A guide to visiting Athens in March

Weather in Athens in March

Average temperature – the weather in Athens in March is generally very pleasant, with an average high of 17 degrees centigrade, and a love of 9 degrees centigrade. Though not overly warm, it is a comfortable enough temperature to explore the city, sites and landmarks.

Average rainfall – regarding the average rainfall in Athens in March, the city receives around 41mm of rain, across an average of 8 days. You may very well experience some rain during your trip, but Athens has a lot of activities that are inside, such as its string of amazing museums.

Average temperature and rainfall in Athens in March

High °C17
High °F62
Low °C9
Low °F48
Rainy days8
Average temperature and rainfall in Athens in March

What to pack for Athens in March 

  • A raincoat – you may very well experience some rainfall during your time in Athens, so it is advisable to bring with you a coat or a raincoat, preferably with a hood for added protection.
  • Layers – it is generally quite cold during March, but the sun can come out at times, so it is advisable to pack items of clothing that you can add and remove, to suit every type of temperature and weather condition.
  • Umbrella – because it can be a little drizzly in Athens in March, it is a good idea to bring an umbrella with you, or buy one once you have arrived; it would be best to bring one that you can pack into your handbag or rucksack to save space.
  • Sunglasses – again, whilst it is not overly hot or sunny in Athens in March, the sun can occasionally make an appearance, so packing a decent pair of sunglasses may be a good idea.
  • Comfortable shoes – whenever you visit Athens, you will undoubtedly do a lot of walking and exploring; so, make sure to bring at least one pair of comfortable and high-quality shoes with you to avoid getting blisters.
  • Water bottle – a water bottle, ideally a refillable one, is always a great idea when visiting a city; it is so important to stay hydrated.

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Things to do in Athens in March

1. Check out the archaeological sites

Acropolis in Athens in March
Acropolis of Athens

One of the reasons in which Athens is so famous and iconic is for its abundance of ancient archaeological sites. One of the best archaeological sites to visit is The Acropolis, which has been the most popular and highly visited attraction of the city since the 5th century BC.

Another fantastic archaeological site is the Theatre of Herodes Atticus, a stunning ancient theatre that is still used today for performances and concerts. Ancient Agora is also another brilliant site, as it was the historic commercial and administrative hub of ancient Athens. March is a great time to visit the city, as there are no crowds and there is usually sunshine, making it a really pleasant experience.

2. Visit the Museums of Athens

Acropolis museum
Acropolis museum

Athens has so many museums that cater to every sort of interest; they are a great place to visit especially if the weather is drizzly. Here are some of the top ones to visit:

  • Acropolis Museum– built to accompany the famous and almighty Acropolis, this museum houses artifacts that were found on the rock and the slopes, ranging from a string of different eras, such as the Roman period and the Greek Bronze Age.
  • National Archaeological Museum – housing some hugely important artifacts from around Greece, dating from a variety of different periods, this museum is perfect for history and culture enthusiasts.
  • Benaki Museum– originally founded in the year 1930, the Benaki Museum is an incredible museum dedicated to Greek works of art, ranging from the prehistoric all the way to contemporary pieces.
  • Cycladic Museum – dedicated to ancient cultures of the Aegean and Cyprus and the artworks and objects produced in these times, the Cycladic Museum is a wonderful place to visit in Athens.

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3. Take a day trip to the archaeological site of Delphi


Escape to the heart of the Ancient Greek world on this fantastic full-day tour of the archaeological site of Delphi. You will be able to explore the impressive ruins, the famous theatre, and the Apollo temple, we well as the incredible Athena Pronaia Sanctuary and the Delphi Museum.

Check here for more information and to book a guided tour to Delphi.

4. Sunset at the Temple of Poseidon, Sounio

With the unforgettable tour, you will be able to explore the gorgeous south coast of Attica, stopping at the stunning Temple of Poseidon in Sounio, and enjoy memorable views of the sunset over the Aegean.

Click here for more information and to book this tour.

5. Check out the Parade Celebration

Parade Celebrations in Athens in March
Parade Celebrations in Athens

Held on the 25th March every year, the Greek Independence Day is a national holiday, which commemorates the start of the War of Greek Independence in the year 1821. Today, this is a highly celebrated occasion, and there is a parade held through the city of Athens.  

6. Take a street art tour of Athens

Street art in Psiri area
Street art in Psiri area

If you are an art-lover, what better way to experience the Athens art scene than through a guided tour, run by a real street artist? This tour will guide you around the city, showing you examples of incredible urban art, hidden messages, and more. This city is rich in graffiti art, and this is a really quirky, unusual but nonetheless thrilling activity to do.

Click here for more information and to book the tour.

7. Take a cooking class in Athens

If you are a foodie, discover the true taste of Greece with this incredible 4-hour cooking class; you will begin your day at the market before you dive into a class. Finally, you will enjoy the food in which you have prepared, alongside some delicious and complimentary Greek wines.

This is a truly memorable experience, and the skills that you learn will prove incredibly useful and impressive to your friends and family once you return home.

Click here for more information and to book this food tour.

8. Clean Monday Celebrations on Filopappous Hill

Typical food for Clean Monday

If you happen to be in Athens on the 15th March 2021, make sure to partake in the Clean Monday festivity, by flying a kite and joining the locals in their festivities. A lot of Athenians gather on Philopappous Hill for a picnic, to celebrate the traditions of the festivity and enjoy some delicious food; translating in Greek as ‘Kathari Deftera’, this important feast is celebrated across the country, beginning the 40-day long period of the Great Lent, as part of the Eastern Greek Orthodox Church.

How Athens got its name
View of the Axropolis from Filopappou Hill

Kite flying is an important element to this celebration as well, as Clean Monday also marks the start of the spring season; many traditional workshops specialize in the construction of these kites, and it is an activity enjoyed by adults and children alike!

9. Relax at a Hammam

Polis Hammam in Psiri

These traditional oriental baths are a really unique way to experience Athens; they are the perfect indulgence and a great way to relax. Having been used for centuries, this historic and cultural method of relaxation is a fantastic experience.

10. Taste Greek Wine in one of the wine bars


Athens has no shortage of amazing wine bars, each of which offers delicious Greek wines in a gorgeous and unforgettable setting. You can even buy a few bottles to take home with you to remember your trip!

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Where to stay in Athens in March

Here is a selection of recommended hotels in the center of Athens for all budgets. All the hotels are centrally located and in safe areas. For more recommendations on where to stay in Athens, find here my dedicated post.

$$$ Herodion Hotel: 200 m away from the Acropolis metro station and within walking distance from the major sites, it offers elegant air-conditioned rooms and free wi-fi.

$$ Niki Athens Hotel – just 550 yards from the Acropolis lies Niki Athens Hotel, a modern and elegant hotel that offers luxurious rooms and high-quality services, with all of Athens primary historic and cultural sites in close proximity.

$ Evripides Hotel The hotel features basic yet comfortable rooms, an on-site sauna and fitness room, and a roof garden restaurant that serves up a delicious daily continental breakfast. Evripides is located just a short stroll away from Plaka and has easy access to the Monastiraki metro station.

Visiting Athens in March has so many benefits, and is particularly a great time to visit if you are not too bothered by the sunny weather; the prices are cheaper, the crowds are not as big, and the temperature is pleasant and comfortable for days filled with exploring and walking.

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