14 Day Trips from Athens

When people say they’re going on a trip to Athens it conjures up a couple of days spent touring the city’s historic sites, museums, and many marvelous neighborhoods. But few people realize that so much more of Greece is easily accessible thanks to day trips whether partaking in an organized tour or making your own way there via public transport.

In this blog post, I guide you through the best Athens day trips which include Meteora, Delphi, Ancient Olympia along with many other hidden gems whilst also guiding you on which Greek islands can be visited in a day.

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The best day trips to take from Athens

1. Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon

Temple of Poseidon Sounio
Temple of Poseidon Sounio

On the most Southern point of Attica, Cape Sounion awaits, a beautiful place with views out to the islands of Kea, Kythnos, Serifos, and Aegina. Well-loved for its sandy beaches, sunset views over the Aegean Sea, and its archaeological site, this is where you’ll find the Temple of Poseidon (the ancient Greek god of the sea) which was built in the year 444 BC making it one of Greece’s ‘golden age’ temples.

How To Get To Sounio:

  • Public Transport – KTEL Attica buses depart from the Pedion Areos bus stop (aka Mavromateon Terminal) located on the West side of Pedion Areos Park (just past the National Archeological Museum) from 5 am alternatively, you can hail the bus from Fileninon Street which is located close to Syntagma Square.

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2. Delphi

Delphi - perfect day trip from Athens

The sanctuary of the legendary oracle, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most important archaeological sites in the whole of Greece and is one of the best day trips from Athens. See the Temple of Apollo dating back to the 4th century BC, the amphitheatre, the ancient stadium and treasury of Athenians and the archaeological museum as you explore the heart of the classical Greek world.

How To Get to Delphi:

  • Public Transport – KTEL buses depart Liosion bus station (bus terminal B) several times a day with the first bus leaving Athens at 7.30am. Journey times take approximately 3 hours each way.

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3. Meteora

Meteora is  a great day tri from Athens
Valley of Meteora

As the biggest and most iconic monastic centre in Greece, the hanging monasteries of Meteora are certainly a bucket list item for many travellers. See these huge rock pillars with ancient yet still working monasteries and nunneries built on the summits with your own eyes as you take in the incredible panoramic views.

With 6 to visit today, the Monastery of Great Meteoron is iconic with its red roof but due to its altitude, it is not the easiest to reach, however, the 16th-century Monastery of Rousanou is located lower down the rock pillars so more easily accessed for non-hikers.

How To Get to Meteora

  • Public Transport – There are 2 options for public transport, the train or bus. Taking the train is not only faster but also much easier with several daily services departing Athens Railway Station for Kalambaka Train Station which is located 1-2km from the Meteora monasteries. The train journey takes 3.5-4 hours with the first train departing at 7.11 am. From Kalambaka, it’s recommended that you hire a driver or hire a moped for the day so that you can reach each monastery as trekking between the monasteries really requires longer.

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4. Ancient Olympia

ancient Olympia day trip from Athens
ancient Olympia

The archaeological site of Ancient Olympia is the place where the original Olympic Games took place in the 8th century BC. As you walk around this picturesque place within the Peloponnese you’ll see the stadium, Temple of Zeus, the tomb of Pelops, and the remains of the athletic training areas with artefacts from the sites on display in the archaeological museum.

How To Get to Ancient Olympia:

  • Public Transport – KTEL buses depart Athens Kifisou Bus Station (Terminal A) to Olympia via the town of Pyrgos. The journey time is approximately 5.5 hours, the first leg of the journey taking 4-5 hours and the second leg just 30minutes. The first bus to depart Athens for Pyrgos leaves at 9.30am with 1 bus every 2 hours between Pyrgos and Olympia, these usually timed to coincide with arrival of the Athens bus.

5. Mycenae, Epidaurus, and Nafplio

Lion Gate Mycenae
Lion Gate Mycenae

Journey into the Peloponnese to see 3 of the country’s most historic towns. Mycenae, a fortified city that dates back to the 2nd century was the most important city of the Mycenaean civilization between 1600 and 1100 BC and also the city of mythical Agamemnon, the hero of the Trojan War. Here you can wander the hilltop ruins of the archaeological site, seeing the artifacts in the museum.

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Epidaurus Theatre - Day trip from Athens
Epidaurus Theatre

Meanwhile, nearby Epidaurus is where Apollo’s son was born. An important place of ancient healing, visitors can walk the archaeological site of Asklipieion, admiring the baths, hospital, sanctuary, and amphitheater before visiting the museum.

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Nafplio is a great day trip from Athens
Nafplio is a great day trip from Athens

Last but not least, Nafplio is an extremely picturesque seaside town that became the first capital of modern Greece after the war of independence. Explore the charming backstreets with their Venetian, Frankish, and Ottoman architecture, climb up to Palamidi Castle, then head out to sea to see Bourtzi Fortress before exploring the archaeological museum, war museum, folklore museum, or art museum.

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How To Get to Mycenae, Epidaurus, and Nafplio

  • Public Transport – For Mycenae and Nafplio, KTEL a bus departs Kifisou Bus Station (Terminal A) every hour from 7.30 am with a journey time of 2 hours to Mycenae and 3 hours to Nafplio. There is no direct bus from Mycenae to Epidaurus, instead, travelers must go via Nafplio and make the 3x a day connection to Epidaurus which takes 30minutes.

6. Ancient Corinth

Temple of Apollo in Ancient Corinth
Temple of Apollo in Ancient Corinth

Ancient Corinth is not as far away as other Athens day tours meaning you can visit the site of this ancient city including the breathtaking Corinth Canal in half a day. Ancient Corinth is the place where St Paul lived and preached and, along with learning about Greek mythology, you’ll be able to see the remains of the Acrocorinth, the 6th century Apollo Temple, visit the archaeological museum, and take in the stunning views along with seeing the iconic Corinth Canal which is 4 miles long and connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean.

How To Get to Ancient Corinth:

  • Public Transport – You can reach the modern city of Corinth (located 5km from Ancient Corinth) by bus or train from Athens. Buses depart Kifisou Bus Station (Terminal A) approximately every 30 minutes from 5.30 am, the journey from Athens to Corinth taking 90 minutes. A direct train also runs from Athens Airport to Corinth with trains also leaving Athens Central Train Station via SKA station. There are regular bus services from the city of Corinth to Ancient Corinth.

7. Parnitha National Park

Parnitha day trip from Athens
Parnitha Mountain

This stunningly beautiful national park is located just outside the city on a densely forested mountain range offering a selection of hiking routes with a cable car up to the summit. You can also visit Filis Fortress which is located within the national park and climb up to see inside Panos Cave and for non-nature fans, there’s even a casino!

How To Get to Parnitha National Park:

  • Tour – This Hiking Trip in Parnitha National Park is a 6-hour tour from Athens which includes bus transfer, a 3 hour guided tour at the National Park walking the 6km route, and a traditional lunch at a taverna.
  • Public Transport – Most of the popular hiking trails in Mount Parnitha National Park start from the town of Thrakomakedones with a popular route on the south face of the mountain starting from the village of Fyli, both places can be reached from Athens using public transport. For Thrakomakedones, the easiest way is to take the metro (green line) to Nea Ionia and then the number 724 bus to the town. For Fyli village, take the B12 bus which departs from the Liosion Bus Station (Terminal B) to Ano Liosia and then the 723 bus to Fyli.

8. Sailing Cruise Along the Coast

Sailing cross the Athens coast

Many companies operate sailing tours on modern yachts from Kalamaki Marina, also known as Alimos Marina. Whether you choose a morning half-day tour along the idyllic azure-colored coast or an evening tour so that you can catch the sunset, you’ll have plenty of time for swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and more simply, soaking up the incredible views as you travel along the coast and back again.

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How To Get To Kalamaki Marina (EDEM stop):

  • Tram – Catch the tram from Syntagma Square that is heading towards Voula, journey time to Kalamaki Marina is about 45minutes with trams running every 30minutes from 5.30am-midnight.
  • Bus – The X96 bus goes directly to Kalamaki Marina EDEM stop from Athens Airport every 20-30 minutes with a journey time of 90 minutes.

9. Hydra, Aegina, and/or Poros

Hydta is the perfect island day trip from Athens

These Saronic islands the closest to Athens, each one idyllic and offering a slice of quintessential Greek island life with picture-postcard-perfect views, fishing boats bobbing in the harbour, and whitewashed backstreets to explore. Hydra is a colourful cosmopolitan port with striking architecture and crystal-clear beaches. Aegina, once a maritime power, is famous for its pistachio nuts and ancient Aphea Temple. Meanwhile, picturesque Poros is full of Neoclassical architecture and instead of olive groves, has lemon groves!

How To Get to the 3 Islands:

  • Tour – This is one of my favorite day trips from Athens I have done it more than 3 times with friends visiting from abroad. The Hydra, Poros, and Aegina Day Cruise is an 11-hour tour allowing you to see the highlights of 3 of the Saronic islands in 1 day. With collection from your hotel, you’ll make your way to the port of Piraeus to board your boat, being entertained onboard with live Greek music and traditional dancing en route to the islands where you’ll have time to explore each of the 3 picturesque port towns.
  • Public Transport – There are multiple ferries each day departing for the islands, however, not all of the islands are linked to each other by public ferry routes ie you cannot travel between Aegina and Poros directly, and not all islands have timetables suitable for a day trip. Therefore, if only allowing yourself 1 day to island-hop, it’s better to take the organized tour. Alternatively, you can take a day trip to 1 island at a time.
Aegina island
Aegina island

Getting From Athens to Piraeus

Take the metro from Athens to Piraeus port (there are direct lines from the metro stations Monastiraki and Omonia), trains running regularly with a journey time of just 15 minutes from Monastiraki. Alternatively, catch the X80 bus which runs daily from Syntagma Square from 7am with a journey time of approximately 30 minutes.

Ferry Details

Piraeus > Aegina – Ferries depart several times a day with a 45-75 minute journey time depending on the company used.

Pireas > Poros – Ferries depart depart many times per day and have a journey time of 1 hour.

Pireas > Hydra  – Ferries depart many times per day and have a 1.35 hour journey time.

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10. Agistri

Agistri island is great for a day trip from Athens
Agistri island

Another Saronic island, Agistri is a tiny island, known for its natural beauty with turquoise water and stunning coves along with a scattering of picturesque whitewashed churches. It’s so small that it takes just 10 minutes to drive from North to South making it an ideal island day trip from Athens!

How To Get to Agistri:

Public Transport – There is no public ferry route between the two islands but you can reach Agistri independently from Pireaus. Ferries depart daily with a journey time of between 1-2 hours depending on the ferry company.

11. Santorini

A day trip to Santorini
Santorini, Freece

This iconic Greek island needs no introduction and by taking the plane you can see Santorini on a day trip from Athens. Of course, we would recommend you spend longer on this beautiful island but if a day trip is all the time you have, go for it!

How to Get to Santorini:

Flights depart Athens International Airport for Santorini almost hourly starting at 6.10am with a journey time of 45-55minutes. Since you’ll be catching an internal flight you only need to be at the airport 1 hour before your flight departs. The last flight from Santorini back to Athens departs at 23.55. Once on the island, you can join one of the many sightseeing tours or explore the island on your own making use of the excellent public bus service.

  • Tour – From sightseeing tours around Fira and Oia to a catamaran cruise, sightseeing bus tour, or wine tasting tour, there are many day trips to choose from allowing you to explore the beauty of Santorini.
  • Public Transport – Buses depart Santorini Airport to Fira, the main transport hub, daily from 7.20am. From Fira bus station you can reach other parts of the island such as the iconic town of Oia and Akrotiri where you’ll find Red Beach and the Ancient Akrotiri archaeological site. Services run regularly to the top tourist resorts and attractions in the Summer months.

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14. Mykonos

Little Venice – Perfect day trip from Athens

Again, the cosmopolitan party island of Greece hardly needs an introduction however, it’s not all about beach parties! Mykonos Town is a magical place to explore with its whitewashed windmills, and winding back streets and hip boutiques leading to the iconic ‘Little Venice’ waterfront.

How to Get to Mykonos:

  • Public Transport – There are 2 options for visiting Mykonos on your own, the fast ferry or plane. Between April-October the fast ferry (Seajets) departs Pireus daily at 7 am with the journey taking just 2.5 hours. Meanwhile, flights depart Athens airport multiple times per day with a flight time of between 35-50 minutes. The earliest flight leaves Athens at 5.10 am with the latest flight from Mykonos back to Athens at 11.59 pm, flights running regularly throughout the day.

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Who realized that there were so many places within easy reach of the capital?! With so many Athens day trips available maybe you’ll consider staying longer in this city so that you can explore the ancient cities of classical Greece as well as the islands closest to Athens.

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Best day trips from Athens

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